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Team Silver Medal & 8th individual
Habitual Hats


"As Chairman of the British Horse Society Training and Examinations Committee I see many presentations but I can honestly say I have never seen a more brilliant one than this."
Yogi Breisner, British Eventing High Performance Director.

"Sports coaching can only benefit from the cross-fertilisation and passion in this seminar."
Pat Duffy, Director National Coaching and Training Centre, Limerick.

"The overall presentation was fantastic – you can use this for any sphere of life, not just the world of horses."
Caroline Williams, Deeside.

"You have got it so right. I have waited so long for this…..It was absolutely sensational. I was bowled over by your idea of the Hats.
Pat Burgess, Salisbury.

"William Micklem is a teacher and perceptive communicator with a great feeling for all those striving to improve their performance in any form of sport or business."
Lucinda Green MBE , World and double European Individual Gold Medalist.


Habitual Hats is an extraordinary tool for improving performance, not only for use in role playing and modelling, but also for giving a structure leading to priorities, answers and a practical strategy for accelerating progress in all types of situations.

Many people have identified the need to give children both roots and dreams. I believe this applies to all performers of any age although I prefer to talk about a Hearth and a Horizon, and in the middle of these I place the Heart.  To each of these three I have given a pair of hats. The six hats form a continuum and a complete structure for performance.
Eventually all the hats will fit habitually.


Habitual Hats and Winning are William’s acclaimed seminars for performers in all equestrian activities and any other sport.


Primarily educational but also inspiring.

For coaches, trainers and competitors of all levels and for all those striving to improve their performance.
(A 4-6 hour seminar or 2 day workshop.)

Performance priorities for all those involved in training themselves or other performers – a framework for action in the short and long term. In addition ‘Habitual Hats’ has wider implications, being relevant to performance in life. A major contribution to training.


Primarily educational but also inspiring.

For coaches, trainers and competitors of all levels from all sports with high performance targets.
(A 3 hour seminar or 1 day workshop).

Winning priorities – an analysis of what winners require that is both stimulating and revealing. Ideal for those involved in competitive work. This unique presentation has evolved from ‘Habitual Hats’ and is of enormous practical value.