Team Silver Medal & 8th individual

JACKAROO – Bay Colt 2007

Blue blood for Dressage, Show jumping and Horse Trials
Breeding and Connections

Full brother to the geldings Mandiba (Karen O’Connor) & High Kingdom (Zara Phillips),
& to the mare Nuff Kisses (Annacrivey Stud).


Ireland’s most successful Thoroughbred sire for sport horses, by the Hugh Lupus sire Imperious. He is a most beautiful stallion with outstanding paces, which reflect the success of his offspring in Dressage. Hugh Lupus also sired Heathersett who has had a major influence on German dressage and jumping breeding. Master Imp carries some of the greatest galloping and jumping genes of all times with two crosses of HYPERION, two crosses of Pharlaris three crosses of Teddy, five crosses of Bay Ronald, and 11 crosses of St Simon.


High Dolly was 7/8 Thoroughbred, by the legendary Irish jumping sire Chair Lift, a grandson of HYPERION, out of a mare by Prefairy,by PRECIPITATION, two Gods of the jumping breeding world, whose blood is in such short supply. She won four point-to-points by massive distances as a four and five year old, and went close to winning the world famous four mile La Touche steeplechase, over the banks and mixed fences at Punchestown. She then commenced a successful career in horse trials, made easy by her exceptional temperament and courage, before being retired to stud. She has two crosses of HYPERION,5 crosses of Pharos, five crosses of Bay Ronald, and 7 crosses of St Simon.

Kilbaha ( left) Vivaldi ( right)

Elite Relations

Jackaroo is not only a full brother of Horse Trials stars MANDIBA and HIGH KINGDOM, but is also related to some of the most successful modern Irish show jumpers of all time including , CARLING KING (out of a Chair lift mare, and grandsire Golden Beaker), ABBERVAIL DREAM (by Chair Lift), KILBAHA (by Tudor Rocket out of a Rhett Butler mare) and VIVALDI (By Imperious).


As well as being by MASTER IMP he is also related to the following important performance stallions: HUGH LUPUS, DJEBEL, BLAKENEY, JULIO MARINER, ELA MANA MOU, LADYKILLER, COR DE LA BRYERE, ABGAR and the hugely successful Irish stallions IMPERIOUS, KINGS MASTER, PUISSANCE, HIGHLAND FLIGHT, GOLDEN BEAKER, TUDOR ROCKET, & RHETT BUTLER.

Most importantly with HYPERION (four crosses) and PRECIPITATION in his pedigree Jackaroo also carries the genes of two of the greatest TB performance sires of all time. Interestingly, Bassompierre, the sire of David O’Connor’s great Olympic Gold Medalist Custom Made (see William’s top 10 horses) also has both these two horses in the pedigree of his sire as well connections through Blandford, Gainsborough and Pharos.


Carling King
(Kevin Babington - 4th individually in the Athens Olympics 2004 & 8th individually in the World Games of 2002), Abbervail Dream (Di Lampard – Over 40 record breaking starts in Nations Cups for Great Britain in nine consecutive years including two European Championships and two World Championships),& Kilbaha (John Ledingham - three times winner of the Hickstead Derby and 32 record breaking appearances for the Irish Nations Cup team). Vivaldi (Nelson & Rodrigo Pessoa of Brazil - Twice winner of the Hamburg Derby and winner of the Hickstead Derby), The longevity of these horses jumping at the highest level is extraordinary and confirms the soundness and durability of these bloodlines, in stark contrast to many warm bloods. Vivaldi won the Hickstead Derby at the age of 21, while Carling King, Abbervail Dream and Kilbaha were all retired at the age of 17.


Kilbaha in 1995,
at the Hickstead Derby


Hyperion, High Hat, Heliopolis, Khaled, Owen Tudor & High Line.
- Hyperion was only 15.1 1/2 but was blessed with superb ability, temperament and soundness. His influence plus that of his sons (including High Hat, Hornbeam, Aureole, Heliopolis, Khaled, & Owen Tudor) on racehorses round the world has been extraordinary. However his influence in show jumping and horse trials has been equally impressive. High Hat produced the great jumping sire Chair Lift, who is the sire of Abervail Dream and sire of Carling King’s dam – see above. He suffered from many of his progeny being unregistered but his reputation for producing jumpers is up with the very best. High Hat, owned by Winston Churchill, also produced High Line, who now features in so many successful dam lines on the racecourse as well as siring Master Willie who was 2nd in he Epsom Derby. In the United States Hyperion’s son Heliopolis has also made a huge contribution to performance horses. The great showjumper, Jet Run was out of a mare by Heliopolis’ son, Heliodorus. Heliopolis’ son, Grey Eagle, was the sire of A Little Bit, a silver medalist at the Pan American Games. Another Hyperion son, Khaled has through his sons, sired the international jumpers, Black Market and Encore. Khaled’s most important son was the Derby winner Swaps. Swaps’ son, Kudu sired the Canadian equestrian team horse, Stoic. Tudor Success, dam of Anne Kursinski’s Olympic horse, Eros, is by the Swaps son Marbrino, and he also has a cross of Precipitation. Hyperion is also in the pedigree of both those two Gods of the show jumping world, Ladykiller and Lucky Boy.

Another Hyperion son, Owen Tudor has been influential in performance horse circles right around the world. He is the sire of Impudent who is the dam of Imperious, the sire of Master Imp. The Owen Tudor daughter, Idealist foaled Compromise, the sire of the Dutch TB jumping stallion, Lucky Boy. The Owen Tudor son, Abernant sired the USET jumper, Aberali, winner of the puissance at Aachen. Abernant also sired Abgar xx, another major jumping sire in Dutch breeding. Abgar also sired Pion, whose son Aktion has been both a dressage star for Hungary and awarded the highest honours as a Dressage sire in the Dutch stud book . Abgar was also important as a broodmare sire. The hugely successful Irish jumping stallion Sky Boy also carried two crosses of Owen Tudor.

Precipitation & Furioso
– Precipitation (with his sons Furioso, Prefairy, Supreme Court, Airborne, Sheshoon, Chamossaire) is perhaps the most influential sport horse sire of all. While his influence on jumping horses has long been recognised, some of the most exciting dressage horses in the world today also trace their ancestry to this great sire. Precipitation is the sire of the Irish TB Furioso, the leading show jumping sire in history, who sired an amazing total of 10 horses that competed at the Tokyo Olympics, and the extremely influential warmblood sire, Furioso II. In 1964 his son Lutteur B (1955) won the Olympic Gold medal under Pierre d'Oriola, and in 1966 the same rider won the World Championship with Furioso's daughter Pomone B (1959), when she was only sevon. Despite Precipitation's success in getting good sire sons, this branch of the Matchem sire line is again in jeopardy.

Precipitation’s son Prefairy also has a double relationship to Cor De La Bryere, the sire of Cavalier Royale and one of the regular components of the pedigrees of top jumping sires. This is because Prefairy’s dam was by Foxhunter who was also Cor de la Bryere’s grandsire. While another of Cor de la Bryere’s grandsires was Furioso.

Djebel – The grandsire of Imperious and son of Tourbillon, who has two crosses in Master Imp’s pedigree and is the sire of Hugh Lupus. Also sire of My Babu, grand Sire of the legendary event horse JJ Babu - Bruce Davidson’s World Champion and team Gold Medalist from the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics. Djebel is also the great great grandsire of the influential Hanoverian dressage stallion Bolero who also carries Hyperion blood. The dam of Abgar, the Dutch jumping super sire, is by the TB Djebel son, Roc du Diable – see Abgar above. Djebel features in the back breeding on both sides of the wonderful Touch of Class, winner of the show jumping gold medal in the Los Angeles Olympics.

Hugh Lupus – Hethersett, Blakeney & Julio Mariner

Hugh Lupus is the sire of Imperious who is the sire of Master Imp. Hugh Lupus won both the Irish 2,000 guineas and the Champion Stakes, proving himself a racehorse of the highest class. He also sired Hethersett, who has had a major influence on German dressage and jumping breeding. Hethersett was the sire of the beautiful Blakeney, winner of the Epsom Derby. Blakeney’s grand sire on his dam’s side was Hornbeam, (another great son of Hyperion and sire of the dam of racing great Troy), making another connection between Jackaroo and Blakeney. Blakeney is the sire of Julio Mariner who has been highly valued as a quality jumping sire to refine the German jumping mares. He also has a cross of Precipitation on his dam’s side as well as several other connections.

Ela Mana Mou

The incredibly beautiful Ela Mana Mou ( meaning I Love You in Greek) was a great racehorse winning 10 out of 16 races including the Group 1 Eclipse and the King George and Queen Elizabeth Diamond Stakes. As a sire he is a clear influence for stamina, producing, among many others, the winner of the stayers Group 1 triple crown Double Trigger.

Imperious, Master Imp, Puissance & Kings Master – Imperious is the sire of Master Imp & Puissance (out of a King of Diamonds grand daughter) and of international jumpers Vivaldi (Nelson Pessoa’s Grand Prix horse and winner of the Hickstead Derby at the age of 21), Master Maddox and Slyguff (who jumped off for the bronze medal in the Los Angeles Olympics). He was also the sire of Bright Imp – see William’s top 10 horses. Master Imp has had numerous grand prix jumpers including…and in addition is the sire of King’s Master, who is out of a King of Diamonds mare. Master Imp, King’s Master and Puissance are currently the three leading sires for the production of young event horses in Ireland and Master Imp and King’s Master are the two leading sires of young event horses in the UK.

Tudor Rocket – sired many successful event horses, point to point horses and jumpers, the most famous being John Ledingham’s Kilbaha, see above. He has almost 50% of the same genes as Chair Lift, one grandsire being Buisson Ardent and the other being the Hyperion son Owen Tudor, who is also the grandsire of Imperious and the legendary Lucky Boy..see Owen Tudor above and Lucky Boy below.

Rhett Butler
– was the sire of Kilbaha’s dam. He sired many good performance horses in Ireland. His dam was by High Hat, the sire of Chair lift, and he also has crosses of Umidwar, Gainsborough and Blandford in common with Jackaroo.

Highland Flight
– was a TB and prolific sire of Irish Showjumpers including the great European champion Harley, Kerrygold F;ight, the Puissance specialist ridden by Jack Doyle, Royne Zettermann’s Top Flight and Eddie Macken’s Kilkenny Flight. He was also grandsire of Nelson Pesso’s Special Envoy. As a great grandson of Hyperion and with several crosses of St Simon, Pharlaris, Bayardo and Blandford there are many genetic connections with Jackaroo.

Golden Beaker
– was the TB sire of Clover Hill, who together with King of Diamonds has dominated both the breeding of show jumpers and breeding of performance sires in Ireland. Clover Hill was the sire of Carling King, who was also out of a Chair Lift mare. Golden Beaker was just 16.00. Not only was his grandsire on his dam’s side by a son of Precipitation but his grandmother on this side was by Hurry On, the sire of Precipitation. Once again he also has crosses of Pharos, Blandford and Gainsborough in common with Jackaroo.

– This TB sire, bred in Ireland in 1961, has been the most influential sire in Holstein and German breeding in the modern era. His sons Landgraf I and Lord are the two great jewels in the crown of modern Holstein breeding. Ladykiller produced 35 stallion sons in the Holsteiner Studbook and is the grandsire of Cavalier Royale, Condios, Lux and Ricardo Z. His sons and grandsons and great grandsons have won 12 gold medals at Olympic Games and World and European Championships and over 30 silver and bronze medals. Ladykiller’s grandsire is Hyperion, and he shares many of the same ancestors including Pharlaris (2 crosses), Scapa Flow, Gainsborough, Orby, Son-in-Law, Chaucer, The Tetrarch (2 crosses), Bayardo, Chaucer (4 crosses) and Dark Ronald.

Lucky Boy
– The TB Lucky Boy has had a huge influence on Dutch sport horse breeding by contributing a string of top jumpers and sires to the international scene. Sire of Calypso, who finished second in the 1980 World Cup final, and followed that up two years later with a victory in the 1982 final in Göteborg. There was also Willi Melliger`s Van Gogh, and The Freak with Hugo Simon and later Dirk Hafemeister, and Anne Kursinski`s Medrano – and all three of them were in Los Angeles for the 1984 Olympic Games. Lucky Boy produced 27 stallion sons.

The 16 great, great grandparents of Jackaroo…..
….8 racing sires of the highest quality….

DJEBEL Winner of the Arc de Triomphe, four times champion sire in France. Djebel was by a French Derby winner and champion sire, Tourbillon, who himself was by the Arc de Triomphe winner Ksar.

Winner of the English Derby and Ascot Gold Cup, by Hyperion, who also won the Derby, in record time, and was himself by Gainsborough who also won the Derby and the British Triple Crown.


NATIVE DANCER Winner of the Preakness, Belmont, & American Derby, four times horse of the year in the USA and champion sire and appeared on cover of Time magazine. Grandsire of Northern Dancer, the sire of Saddlers Wells.

Impeccable breeding by Hyperion and going back to the great Bay Ronald, The Tetrarch, St Frusquin, St Simon and Gallopin.

Winner of the Epsom Derby and the greatest of racehorses and sires. Champion sire for six years in England and both leading stallion and broodmare sire.

Won French 2000 guineas and great grandson of those two legends Pharos (great grandsire, with Hyperion, of Northern Dancer) and Man O War, himself sire of Triple crown winner War Admiral and grandsire of Sea Biscuit.

Winner of the Ascot Gold cup and seven wins from ten races – one of the greatest sires of jumpers , including grandsire of Flyingbolt, the only horse to rival Arkle’s ability. (Also the greatest TB showjumping influence of all time – see above.) Sire of top horses Furioso, Prefairy, Chamossaire, Preciptic, Supreme Court, Airborne & Sheshoon.

A son of an English Derby winner, Pinza, he goes back to racing Gods Donatello, Hyperion, Blandford and Blenheim (who was the grandsire of USA show jumping gold medallist Snowbound).

….8 dams – 7 of the highest TB quality + 1 Irish draught of unknown breeding but a hugely successful broodmare

The value of these mares in each case is their breeding which brings in all the major TB families associated with jumping in National Hunt racing.

Double cross of Bruleur, who was winner of Grand Prix de Paris, grandsire was Tourbillon who was sire of Djebel – see above.

Both sides bring in super special blood..Teddy, The Tetrarch, St Simon, Dark Ronald etc

Both sides bring in super special blood..Teddy, The Tetrarch, St Simon, Sellene etc

By Tetratema, who was The Tetrarchs best son and often compared to his sire. Unbeaten at two and winner of the 2,000 guineas & King George at three. As a four year old he was undefeated champion sprinter. Leading sire in 1929. (The Tetrarch was leading sire in Great Britain and Ireland in 1919 and third in 1920 and 1923. Second once on broodmare sire list.
Sire of The Flying Filly, Mumtaz Mahal)

By Donatello who was by Blenheim who was by Blandford. Donatello was bred by the great Italian breeder Frederico Tesio and won both the Gran Criterium and the Italian Derby. Blenheim was winner of the English Derby and his offspring won both the English and Kentucky Derbys. He was champion sire in the USA in 1941 and was grandsire of the TB legend Nasrullah. He was only 15.3. ( Blenheim was also grandsire of Mexico Olympics show jumping gold medallist Snowbound) Blandford was champion sire in England for three years.

– is by Court Marshall who won both the English 2000 guineas and the Champion Stakes. He was champion sire in the UK and is by Fair Trial who was by Fairway who was a full brother of Pharos. This family is one of the most prolific producer of National Hunt horses of all times as well as being close up in the breeding of champion flat sires including Northern Dancer. Witness’s family also includes further crosses of Blandford, Tetratema and Son in Law.

– has great importance in the overall pedigree for her sire line – Foxhunter, Son-in-Law and Bay Ronald. She is by Foxhunter who was a son of Foxlaw who won the ascot gold cup in 1927- Foxhunter has a 3/4 brother by son in law -Trimdon who won the Ascot Gold Cup in 1931 & 1932- thus the dam of Foxhunter & Trimdon -TRIMESTRAL had the rare distinction of having been dam of 3 consecutive winners of the Ascot Gold Cup! Foxhunter was by Son–in-Law who was the leading British sire in 1924 and 1930. He founded arguably the greatest dynasty of stayers this century. Since breeders of steeplechasers are always keen on good staying blood, it is not surprising that Son-in-Law can be found in many good chaser pedigrees. He also left a major mark on thoroughbred breeding in New Zealand, where his son Beau Pere was two time champion sire, and where his grandson Foxbridge was the leading sire for an incredible eleven seasons, from 1941 to 1951. This is the basis for the breeding of New Zealand’s wonderfully successful event horses. – see below Bay Ronald

IRISH DRAUGH MARE This is the big question mark. The breeding of the dam of Polly, the grand dam of High Dolly is unknown, although she was definitely an Irish Draugh mare. The famous dealer and breeder Willie McDonald, who owned High Dolly’s dam after High Dolly was produced and had six more foals from her, says he knew Polly and has her breeding…somewhere? NB One of these six by a King of Diamonds stallion was sold to Cyril Light and jumped Grand Prix in the USA but Cyril has been unable to help me trace this horse. Another of her offspring by Cavalier Royale was a fine brown gelding who won the original 4 yo Young Event Horse class at Punchestown in 1990 and went to Advanced level in the UK.