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Claire - Jan 09
I spent the year eventing her, getting fairly dismal dressage marks as she went round particularly disconnected with her nose stuck out; I really felt I had no chance. However in early December our trainer bought a Micklem bridle onto the yard which she used on many horses and seemed to think it worked wonders, so I decided to give it a go.

The day I tried it I was absolutely amazed. First of all she went in an outline, and a fairly good one at that, without having to have an hour lesson. Her contact was light and she went easily off my leg into my outside rein and for the first time I felt it was an absolute pleasure riding her on the flat. I can’t express what wonders it has done for us, I even last weekend rode her BSJA in it, something a month ago I would never have even dreamed about doing. We now call it the magic bridle, I’m not sure what it does or how it does it, but it is pure magic. I am now looking forward to those dressage tests this eventing season.

Rivendel – March ‘09
I have a TB who was almost impossible in his mouth when I got him. Throwing his head up, opening mouth wide or at least trying to and fighting, tongue over bit and generally very unhappy boy. Teeth and back checked then tried a few different bits, different nosebands and tried different fitting from tight to very loose.

Eventually got one of these bridles after my brother recommended it. Instant improvement, ….He goes beautifully in it, happy in his mouth and settled in his work…. … for me it was money well spent. I love this bridle and my horse now shoves his head into it as soon as I offer it to him.



Jackie Cochran – Sept 09

Forced by the bad effects of the heat on my MS I HAVE to ride bitless during the summertime.....However.....there is something missing, a connection between the horse's mind and my mind, where I can FEEL what the horse is planning to do. So I got out my Micklem multi-bridle, the bit clips, my eggbutt Dr. Bristol snaffle and my 1/2 reins and went for it on Friday. After a minute or so of walking in the ring I took the big step and asked her for contact. Mia reached for the bit, and she accepted my contact! JOY!!! The softness of her contact, the relaxed tongue and jaw, the total acceptance of my hands, it was so wonderful. I was back in business......After 15 minutes it is as if I never took the bit off, Mia responds to my commands willingly and continues her wonderful soft contact.

Hallelujah--I can ride with a bit!
Hallelujah--I can get back to more effective training!

You do not realize what this means to me.


John Ledingham - Ireland
William Micklem’s understanding of equine bio-mechanics and mental health, and his ability to think outside the box, has enabled him to develop a sure fire winner in the Micklem Multibridle. If horses were choosing a bridle, the multibridle would be top of their list. Let us educate our horses with kindness and reward, as happy horses reach their full potential.”

John Ledingham. Comdt Chairman EFI Coaching. Three times winner of Hickstead Derby and member of over 40 Nations Cup teams

Connie Kugler - Germany
" I have bought five Micklem bridles and use them both on my own horses and on my student's horses. I like them very much especially with horses that are too strong or have problems with the tongue. I use it with soft bits and I don't know why but the horses give me a good feeling, soft and loose. I now use it instead of using a pelham or draw reins. I have a mare at the moment who has been really difficult but she is really happy in the Micklem bridle. I also have a horse in partnership with Paul Schockemohle that use to go round with the tongue hanging out, but in this bridle the horse is perfect."

Connie Kugler is a senior German show jumping coach who rode internationally for Paul Schockemohle for three years from 1979 -1982 and is well known in Germany as a trainer. He is also now training some of the Irish young international event riders, including Mel Philips and Jodie Ronan.

Heather Coyle - Ireland
I love your DVD William, my daughter was fascinated with it, and it made total sense to her. Would you do a presentation in the North? Every horse and pony should have one. We use it every day in both training and competition.

Heather is a Senior Tutor for Horse Sport Ireland, a very experienced show jumping coach who used to ride for Gerhart Etta and be married to International Rider Trevor Coyle who rode the legendary show jumping stallion Cruising.

Rachel Myers - Ireland
Almost instant results. For the first time in a year my mare is coming down in front and actually taking the rein contact in your medium bitless...I am so happy and so is the mare! My Dutch Grand Prix mare has also given an excellent response on first use of bridle....accepting the bit and happy with the rein contact for the first time... very excited now. Mare happy and coming through from behind. You can see the improvement at the Cavan International Show.

Rachel Myers - show jumper – Kildare...wife of famous journalist Kevin Myers.


Tori Polonitza - USA
I have found the Miklem multi purpose bridle to be a very valuable tool. I have tried it on over 20 horses and it has really been an asset to my barn. So many young horses to lunge and then ride, the cavesson nose ring is ingenuous. But more than that, we break our young horses when their mouths are the most vulnerable. All the teething and molar caps make it very hard on them. I believe the Micklem Multi - Bridle makes the whole ordeal a lot easier and less painful. I have found it most effective on the horses that would not go to the bridle. The ones that are too light and spit the bit. They find steady comfort in this bridle and learn to trust the hand. I also like it for the fussy older horse. The bit is held steady and they learn to deal with it. It is now an essential in our tack room and I am so happy to use it.

Tori Polonitza BHSI, FEI Trainer and coach. Formerly senior coach at the Yorkshire Riding Centre. I also have my United States Dressage Federation Silver medal and approved Dressage judge..

Jane Bartle - UK
I use your Micklem bridle daily and am keenly promoting it to others. I have a horse here for breaking-in, and everyday that I clip the lunge line on, I 'praise the Lord (that's you of course)',for designing the bridle. I've used the clips to attach bit to noseband on some school horses, as well as on competition horses. I haven't yet tried the bitless option, but I'm sure it won't be long before something turns up that I feel it's worth trying. As you had already said, the fitting to different horses is adaptable to considerably differing shapes, and sizes. The quality of the leather and the buckles make it so easy to adjust, so that's more than an added bonus. Can't thank you enough. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you,

Jane is a former member of the British Olympic Dressage team, the boss of the Yorkshire Riding Centre, a FBHS and sister of Chris Bartle...Badminton winner and currently trainer of the German Olympic Horse trials team....

Sorrel Warwick - UK
Still think bridle is brilliant! I did ring British Dressage to check yesterday whether it was fine and dandy to use now and was given the all clear. Pupil won and was thrilled and all thanks to the Micklem bridle. Two pupils will be buying one this week. Also introduced a vet to it who specialises in equine dentistry and he was very impressed and took lots of photos. Will be seeing Henrietta Knight (top National Hunt trainer) next Sunday so will take one along to show her in case she hasn't bought one yet. Shall be sending a horse out to India after Christmas and one will go with her - every horse should have one! Thanks a million,

Senior listed trainer/coach for both British dressage and British Eventing...ex British team member, senior eventing.


Karen O’Connor - USA
I am loving your bridle!!! Furthermore, I took it to Wellington, as I am using it on a rather difficult and impulsive horse. I get my help from Laura Kraut in show jumping. This horse enjoys the bridle 'cause when he tries to run through the contact, he comes up against the running and instead of getting just lower jaw pressure, he gets more nose pressure which he finds more palatable. It's really helpful. Laura was most impressed with your bridle.

Karen O’Connor was individual Gold medallist at the Pan American Games in 2007 and is a an Olympic Silver medallist and eleven times leading lady rider in the USA. Laura Kraut was part of the Gold medal winning USA show jumping team at the last Olympics.

Aidan Keogh - Ireland
I have a young event horse, Master Tredstep, that was one of the leading 6 year old event horses in the country last year and another older event horse Tredstep Boa. They both work every day in a Micklem bridle and I really like the results it brings. Event horses need to ‘accept’ not ‘submit’ and this is why this bridle is so much better than the flash nosebands that jam the jaws shut and cause problems inside the mouth.

Aidan Keogh runs the Tredstep equestrian clothing company and is a former Junior International event rider.

Melanie Ashe - Ireland
"The Micklem Bridle is so multi-functional, but the real success for me is in the clever use of the "clips" to act on the nose.It has opened doors to lasting control and steering on the xc in a horse friendly way for a particularly difficult horse I have. In fact all the horses love it and come in much more relaxed and less wound up after the cross country, and riders have the control to cruise around with no fight or stress - which in my book is a major tick to a safer ride. The bridle may look different to an onlooker with comments like "that looks very strong and aggressive" but it's the complete opposite of that - its just brilliant."

.Melanie is an International horse trials rider at one and two star level and trainer/mentor to Jodie Ronan who has one of the best group of event horses in Ireland.

Hilda Donaghue - USA
“From our riding school ponies, to our *** athletics, to any difficult horses, the Micklem Multibridle has proven to be fantastic, helping acceptance, softness and results. It is easy to use and our equine partners are definitely more comfortable. William this bridle is the business, especially as it is also the best lunge cavesson we have come across. Apart from it being our no 1 choice of riding bridle we use it daily as a lunge cavesson and also as a bitless bridle. Wow...We love it and the horses love it. I want to ride in one at WEG in 2010!”

By the way a new(and VERY difficult ) horse came in to me for schooling, had actually spent 6months in one of the best barns before arriving at mine, but had spent his time there in draw reins, prior to that with a trainer always in a double bridle. This horse loved your Micklem Multibridle. He is every bit of 17h.h and was quite defensive about his mouth. My last few schools on him in your bridle has helped him relax his jaw and actually seek the contact, before he was evading any way he could!
Just returned from the first event of season\year. Thank-you so much for your years of research and your studying of the horses skull……my very tricky horse ended up 5th in the Open Intermediate division….I credit a lot of his success on the my having the use of your bridle. This horse (who would not allow anyone to put a head collar on 2 years ago and others had failed with) has benefited tremendously from the MMB.He is more comfortable, is steadier in the bridle and now enjoys a contact!

Hilda is an accomplished **** competitor, competed at most of the worlds prestigous events, including Rolex, Burghley, Adelaide ,World Cup Final France, Foxhall, & Fair Hill, on a variety of often difficult horses. She is also a former Area 111 Leading rider and a selector for The NAYRC.


Clodagh Carey - Ireland
"At Festina Lente we have 25 Micklem bridles, being worn by ponies from 11 hh
to horses 17 hh.The bridle dispenses with the lunge caveson, dispenses with
the coupling normally required for leading, and if you need to change from a
bitless bridle to a bitted bridle, simply attach a bit. Simple to use and so much more comfortable for the horses. I would recommend it for any equestrian activity...it has made our lives as coaches so much easier and made our horses
happier. In short it is wonderful."

Clodagh Carey - Chief Coach and Riding School Manager

From Clodagh Carey, who runs Festina Lente, which includes a standard riding school, a training centre for those with learning difficulties or who have been excluded from mainstream education, and a Riding for the Disabled section. There are approx. 400 students per week. They ride as many horses bitless as they do with a bridle and many horses are led or lunged with riders on a daily basis. Although I am a Director of Festina Lente I am on a 'years leave of absence' and have not influenced the decision of the Festina Lente coaches, who have instigated the change themselves. They used many Dr Cook bridles in the past but now they only use the Micklem bridle. They also no longer use standard bridles.

Jill Carey - Ireland
We have now put all 15 horses and 10 ponies in the Micklem Multibridle....in the Riding School most of them go in one of the bitless versions but it is wonderful to have the flexiblity to change into a bit in seconds. We were using the Dr Cook bridle but yours if far more flexible and comfortable.

Jill Carey - CEO Festina Lente Foundation

Karen Rogers - Ireland
At one time all I wanted to do was run a Riding School. Just think how much money the Micklem Multibridle would have saved me and what great flexibility it would have given. Thankfully I changed direction to eventing but like so many people I still have a room full of tack I never use. The Micklem bridle makes most of this tack superfluous as well as doing away with all those horrible low dropped nosebands and cranked up flash nosebands. William has an inventive mind and he has come up with gold on this occasion.

Karen Rogers ran Panashe Film productions and evented her own horses at * and ** level.

Diana Zajda – Scotland
I have used a Micklem Multibridle for over 10 years and it is my favourite piece of tack. It is the most comfortable, innovative and well-designed piece of equipment to have hit the saddlery shops in my life time. I won't use anything else for lungeing my horses as it is lightweight, fits like a glove without having to be cranked tight, and it is so easy changing to riding the horse following a lunge session. Why anyone would lunge in anything else is beyond me. It is perfect for riding schools where it gives the flexibility to cope with all the varied needs of a diverse client list and is also perfect for all elite schooling needs. There is nothing else as good on the market and I know it has given me a winning advantage. It is easily fitted and ideal if you need to share bridles between horses. Every yard should own a Micklem bridle and then you will want another!

Diana Zajda is a BHSI and was senior coach at the Gleneagles Mark Phillips Equestrian Centre for over 20 years. She won the Scottish dressage championships at Advanced Medium this year.


Tom MacGuinness - Ireland
I wanted a better bridle as bridle design has stagnated for years. This is definitely a better bridle and I have used it on my show jumper all year, including at the RDS where we won the Riding Club team competition.

Tom MacGuinness is the founder of Horseware Ireland.

Hugh McCann - Ireland
I have been using the Micklem multi bridle for a little over 5 years and it is the only one I use for both riding and for lunging and I usually use the clips attached to the bit. As I intend to do some bitless riding I really like the idea that bridle has been carefully designed for that purpose as well and I particularly like the light construction. I very much appreciate that this bridle has been designed by a real expert, involving a great deal of thought and testing and also that real emphasis has been placed on the comfort and safety of the horse.

Hugh McCann was formerly a partner of Steve Jobs in Apple computers and is now an international management consultant at senior manager and CEO level.

Aoife Doyle - Ireland
Just wanted to say that I have used nothing else since I got your Micklem Multibridle. It is an essential lungeing tool and my young horse has never been happier in his mouth and more comfortable. He looks great in it and I even use it in the competitions.

Aoife Doyle is a 16 yo second level student competing in Horse Trials.

Brendan Bergin - Ireland
On the advice of William Micklem I decided to try my horse in the "Rambo Micklem Multi-bridle". To be honest I was skeptical that the multi bridle can make such a difference. But it literally takes the pressure off your horse's face. My horse is extremely evasive and resistant to the contact. For the first time ever, he was actively seeking the contact, from the very beginning of the session. Rather than wasting 10 minutes, attempting to gain a fashion contact acceptance. At the moment I am riding him with the tongue protection clips. ..... using them to encourage the horse to seek contact with confidence. I hope to try him without the clips next week so we'll see how it goes!!! I genuinely think the multi bridle is one of the best things I have bought for the horse. It is incredible to see the difference. I am a gadget skeptic... But the multi bridle is brilliant. If you try it correctly you will see the difference.

Brendan G.W. Bergin ETRL ISM BHSAI

Elaine Tragett - UK
Your bridle is brilliant – it has changed one of my horses lives – THANK YOU. She had to have some bottom jaw teeth removed – as a result bridle fitting was very difficult as her cheek is very sensitive and traditional drops are fitted too low in my opinion on the front of the nose – your bridle is the perfect solution. She is so soft in it.

Elaine Tragett - Business Development Manager 5i Ltd


Sonya Duke – N Ireland
I was looking for a lunge cavesson for 128 ponies and so I bought a Micklem Multibridle. What a success it has been. Not only do I now have a brilliantly fitting cavesson but I have ponies that are happier in the mouth and therefore easier to produce and ride. The results speak for themselves – both ponies qualified for the 128 championships in Dublin. I honestly think all Pony Clubs should encourage their children to use it instead of all these uncomfortable nosebands and the clips are great for novice riders who get left behind.

Sonya Duke is a former Irish team member at European level in Juniors, Young Riders and Seniors, winning a Silver medal at the European senior Championships in Punchestown, and completing Badminton at the age of 19. She is a well known coach in the North of Ireland and has been instrumental in developing the Iveagh Pony Club into possibly the best in Ireland.

Caroline Aragane - Ireland
My daughter Jessie is so pleased with the bridle. She used it at camp which raised some eyebrows to begin but when they saw the difference in Lilac from previous years there was no argument. She has used it in all her competitions including the Games regional final and we all love it. Thank you William.

Caroline Aragane has two children riding who have both used the pony ‘Lilac’ for a number of years. Lilac is a fairly highly strung TB pony and has always had a mouth difficulty until their change to the Micklem bridle.

Derval Diamond - Ireland
Just wanted to write to say how pleased I am with your bridle. My horse once a little mouthy is now quiet and accepting and I love being able to lunge and then ride with ease and efficiency. It’s light and comfortable for horse and handler and easily adjusted from horse to horse. A must for every yard. PS Jen uses it every day on her ponies and finds it fits so much better than the dropped nosebands we used previously. She has just one comment about it, which may be influenced by the reduced amount of tack cleaning...brilliant!

Derval Diamond runs Dragonhold Stables in Co. Wicklow. She is an Equestrian Federation of Ireland Tutor and and Irish Pony Club examiner and coach. Both she and her daughter use Multibridles and two clients in the yard.

Robyn Pim - Ireland
My horse was getting his tongue over the bit and was all one sided, but with the Multibridle and clips to the bit he was instantly quiet in the mouth and controllable. Thank you!

Robin Pim – Pony Club & Eventing Ireland - Wicklow

Leo, Sam & Holly Micklem - Ireland
We all use Micklem bridles on our three ponies in all activities from Pony Club to Working Hunter Pony to hacking in the rain. It’s easier to clean and less fiddly than our previous bridles…well done Daddy!


Pat Hughes – N Ireland
I wish I had invented this bridle! It is everything I need on a daily basis with all my horses and is something that Ireland can be proud of. My business is based on happy customers and happy horses equals happy customers. It is a no brainer.

Pat Hughes runs Carlingford Horses in Newry and has a big client base in the USA and the UK. He formerly worked with the international show jumper Robert Smith and now has regular imput into the Michael Whittaker equestrian business.

Neil Wrynn - Ireland
I have been using the Micklem Multi Bridle for the past 9 months on 2 very green 5 year olds, I have noticed that both horses accepted the bridle and the rein contact almost instantly, the difference in acceptance was much quicker to that of using a more traditional bridle. Both horses are more comfortable in the Multi Bridle and this is evident through their way of going and is particularly noticeable through the horses head and necks. Another very convenient feature of the bridle is the lunge cavesson which has saved time both at home and at competitions when having to lunge horses before they are ridden without changing from a lunge cavesson back to a bridle. This bridle is a must have for any rider of any discipline. I recommend the bridle for both its effectiveness and convenience and I’m going to persuade my brother to use it!"

Neil Wrynn comes from a large horsey family, competes in Horse Trials and is brother of Curragh trainer Paul Wrynn.

John Micklem - Ireland
As a specialist with high class young horses I would now use nothing else. There is no better lunge cavesson and it is the perfect bridle to introduce them to the bit. It is time for more trainers to realise how unsuitable traditional cavessons are and how important it is for them to be quiet in the mouth. They will not be quiet in the mouth unless they are comfortable and therefore this bridle is invaluable. I have seen it’s development over the years and yet I am still amazed how good it is to use. I recommend it to all producers of young horses.

John Micklem is brother of William and a highly successful judge of young horses and trainer and coach in his own right. Last year horses he discovered competed in the World Cup finals for both show jumping and horse trials.

David Richard - Ireland
Having used a Micklem Multibridle for the last six weeks there is no going back. I intend to use it on all my young horses in the future, not only because it is so fantastic for lungeing, but because they accept the bit so much more quickly in it. Particularly with the more difficult horses it is of huge benefit. Well done William.

David is one of Irelands top producers of young horses, based in Co. Wexford. He is consistently one of the most successful competitors in Ireland's Future Event Horse League and is a BHSI coach.


Sean Parkyn - Ireland
I now use the Micklem Multibridle in preference to anything else. We have a mixed dealing and racing yard and yet all the horses go well in it. I have used it for races and I see huge potential for it in this area.

Sean Parkyn is husband of equestrian journalist Sally Parkyn and a dealer and trainer with over 35 years experience.

Durkan’s racing stables - Ireland
We used this new bridle on a difficult 3 yo when William came to film on our gallops. Normally this horse fights and gets his tongue over the bit but the instant result, which you can see on the DVD was amazing…a horse under control and not fighting.


Richard Collins - Ireland
William this is the perfect hunting bridle because it stays comfortable over a long day, can be used instead of a headcollar, and cannot be pulled off when used for leading. We often use it with both a bit and a bitless bridle rein so that horse’s mouth can get a rest in between runs. We also use the bit clips to protect the horse’s mouth, especially as a number of our riders are fairly low level. I can see it being used in the long distance world, where the ability to quickly remove the bit and have less equipment are major advantages.

Richard Collins has been involved in the Bray Hounds for many years and has wide experience of horses in the hunting, film and showing worlds.


David Tatlow – UK
I tend to view new ideas with caution. After my first trials with this bridle I gave it 7/10. However now that I am learning to use it I would give it a considerably improved rating. I DO like the idea of a combined mouth and nose pressure, and I feel horses that have a tendency to put the tongue over the bit will be more comfortable and good to ride. It also appears a good bridle to race in as horses may settle better. Watch this space as I am now using it on most of my horses.

David Tatlow is one of the leading UK point- to-point jockeys of all time and one of the top producers of show horses in history, winning all the major championships including once winning all three weight categories in a single year at the Horse of the Year Show.