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Team Silver Medal & 8th individual

Presentations have included the following:

American Instructors Association (Coaching Priorities)

Equestrian Federation of Ireland
(Coaching Show Jumping;  Mental Preparation for Riders;   Lungeing)

British Connemara Pony Society  
(A Celebration of the Connemara Pony)

Equitana USA
(Young Horse Training;   Priorities for Elite Riders)

Spillers Horse Feeds and Riding Magazine
(Winning - Making the Most of Your Equestrian Potential)

Association of British Riding Clubs
(Habitual Hats)

Punchestown Horse Trials
(Ride On - A Celebration of the Irish Horse)

Irish Pony Club
(A Progression for Confidence and Competence;   A World of Difference - Why Equestrian Sports are Exceptional)

Hollybrook Riding Club
(The Genius of Lungeing)

Festina Lente Foundation
(A Positive Mental Attitude;   the Exceptional Value of Equestrian Sports)

Northern Ireland Breeders Association
(Breeding Elite Performance Horses) ,

Kildalton College
(Assessing Young Performance Horses for Dressage, Show Jumping and Horse Trials)

Scottish Equestrian Association
(In Praise of Equestrian Sports;   Constants and Variables - a New Approach to Dressage Training ;  
A Safe and  Simple Approach to Cross Country Training;  Cross Country Training in an Indoor Arena)

Irish Horse Board
(Priorities for Performance Horses;  Young Horse Training;  A Celebration of the Irish Pony and Horse Breeds)

Sport Horse Breeding Society of Great Britain
(Hidden Genes in the Modern Performance Horse)

World Breeding Federation
(Breeding and Assessing the Event Horse)


The presentations offer a wide variety including:
"HABITUAL HATS", "WINNING" & "The GO! Rules" which are William’s acclaimed seminars for high performers in all equestrian activities; "RIDE A COCK HORSE", his unique equestrian entertainment; and TALKS tailored to your individual needs.

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Habitual Hats is an extraordinary tool for improving performance, not only for use in role playing and modelling, but also for giving a structure leading to priorities, answers and a practical strategy for accelerating progress in all types of situations.

"As Chairman of the British Horse Society Training and Examinations Committee I see many presentations but I can honestly say I have never seen a more brilliant one than this."
Yogi Breisner, British Eventing High Performance Director.


Winning priorities – an analysis of what winners require that is both stimulating and revealing. Ideal for those involved in competitive work. This unique presentation has evolved from ‘Habitual Hats’ and is of enormous practical value.

> The GO! Rules
A strategy and springboard for young people  and young adults.  Open the door to accelerated progress and success in any activity.

"This is of very real value to all young riders if they want to make the most of their riding careers. Varied, unique and stimulating... we really enjoyed it."  Wicklow Pony Club

"The evening in was immense fun and yet hugely informative - even the youngest children there were entertained and interested in everything you said. The GO rules are wonderful - ideal for older members, trainers and parents."

"I have no hesitation in recommending this presentation to other pony clubs."

"Fantastic night, most informative for young and old" Renee Sutton

"Always welcome at Bel-air, entertaining and interesting" Nonie Law

"Very entertaining and educational. William has a fantastic way with children and we could do with more of his energy and enthusiasm" Gerald Kavanagh


Ride A Cock Horse is the unique entertainment that has delighted audiences in Ireland and the UK.

Primarily entertaining.

For any equestrian audience.
(A 2 hour show in two parts)

A cocktail of equestrian stories, wit, wisdom, favourite literary gems, film and other fascinating material from the world of the horse. A breath of fresh air in equestrian entertainment – delightful.





Both entertaining and educational.

For any equestrian or non-equestrian audience.
(3/4 hour approx, or as required).

A wide variety of talks presented with William’s typical imagination and enthusiasm. A sample list of titles is included below as an indication of possibilities.
Please discuss with us your individual needs.


• Performance priorities. A springboard for all activities.
• Blood, sweat and inspiration. Great Horse Stories.
• The look of eagles. Equestrian poetry and prose.
• A recipe for diamonds. Finding the top competitors of the future.
• Ladies and gentlemen, the horse! The amazing case for equestrian sports.
• Are you winning? Winning strokes for all folk.
• Communication truths. The art and craft of communicating.
• Brains, Brawn, Beauty and Breeding. Cutting the odds on finding that special horse.
• Rule No 1 and Rule No 2. A practical positive attitude.
• Breeding elite performance horses. Truths and misconceptions

Training of the Coach

• Golden priorities for the coach.
• Teaching children and novice riders.
• Aiming, priorities and goal setting.
• The Hearth – Effort & Delight.
• The Heart – Confidence & Competence.
• The Horizon – Possibilities & Realities.
• Competition coaching.
• Pleasure Riding coaching.
• Keys for motivation.
• Training is the future. Developing a learning culture.

Training of the Rider

• Golden priorities for the rider.
• Essential truths about ‘positions’ for dressage and jumping.
• Dressage and jumping effectiveness.
• Essential requirements for competition riders.
• Dressage riding and arena craft.
• Removing the mystery from show jumping.
• Cross country riding for winners not heroes.
• The Hearth – Effort & Delight.
• The Heart – Confidence & Competence.
• The Horizon – Possibilities & Realities.

Training of the Horse

• Golden priorities for the trainer.
• Constants and variables – priorities for the horse.
• Young horse training that has a future.
• Saddles, bridles and other gadgets.
• Dressage movements – the beautiful progression.
• Lateral thinking for lateral work.
• Jump training for racehorses.
• Gymnastic jumping, grids, related fences and combinations.
• Cross country training for those ‘magic’ rides.
• A long life with horses – safety and accident prevention.